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Episode 1 - Let's try this

Originally published at: https://klocast.kloclabs.com/podcast/episode-1/

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In this episode, we talk about how Aaron’s website has grown it’s Google search presence in the last 6 months especially compared to other, more established websites.

We also talk about the hyper-local websites that Nate has been working on for his local community and what he plans doing with his local site. Plus the content promotion techniques he used to build an audience for his niche website all about worldbuilding.

People in this episode:

Aaron Russell – https://rssl.me/-
Nate Smith – https://vcno.uk/-


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Great to have the first episode of the Klocast published. Had some good feedback so far which is always a bonus.

Still lots to learn about podcasting.

Audio is not my comfort zone - I’m a writer first and foremost - so it’s nerve wracking to have this episode out where people can listen. But publishing is the best way to learn and get more confident.

With each episode we will learn a little more, get a little better, until in time (I hope) it’ll be a podcast worth litening to.

Always happy to hear feedback from the community and any advice, enouragement or recommendations you might have.

All the best,

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I think it’s a really interesting first episode! Yeah, we’re a little rusty, but you can at least hear us!

Would love some feedback on how we can improve or new topic ideas!

Let us know!

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